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Noble Intentions Season Four

Season Four is now available at most retailers. Here are the links:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:


iDevice users – I recommend the Kindle app as Apple takes considerably longer to approve and publish books.

Goodnight, Sweet Sadie



A Sadie Update

Sadie and I just returned home from the vet. Her protein count was up to 6 – they like to see a minimum of 5. Her red blood cell count, while still low, has risen from 17% to 24%, which is about what it was when this whole mess started back in January. But she […]


My Sweet Sadie

This is Sadie, eight and a half years old. She’s suffering from liver disease/cancer. The Vet felt her symptoms were too advanced, and she was too high risk to perform a biopsy – danger of the liver not regenerating and bleeding out. She’s a tough, tough dog. Been through a lot. So far, she is […]


A Much Needed Jack Noble Update!

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of the month. Even harder to believe that Beyond Betrayal was released two-and-a-half months ago (and is still hanging around the top 500 books on Amazon!). I fully expected to have Noble Intentions: Season Four completed by now, and in the hands of editing. Didn’t […]


An (Unedited) Excerpt from the Upcoming Clarissa Novel

I’m liking this book the more I get into it. Clarissa is  somewhat of an enigma as a character in the Noble Intentions series. You get a sense of what she’s capable of, but not the whole picture. She’s obviously street smart. She was raised by a hard-nosed Marine Lieutenant Colonel. She lost her mother […]


Never Go Home Now Available!

The sixth Jack Noble book, Never Go Home,  is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Kobo and Apple additions are forthcoming. This truly is Jack like you’ve never seen him. My goal for this book was to bring out a side of Jack that he keeps from everyone else. Few people know where […]


Sneak Peek at Never Go Home!

We have less than a week to go before the latest Jack Noble novel is released. Never Go Home is Jack like you’ve never seen him before. Everyone has a past. Jack never revisits his. At least not until an unfortunate event brings him back home. And trouble follows Jack wherever he goes. Never Go […]


The Depth of Darkness Now Available

The first Mitch Tanner mystery/thriller is now available. I’ll update this post as the links go live. Amazon: Amazon UK: Barnes & Noble: Kobobooks: iBookstore:


Quick Update on Noble Intentions Season Three

I missed what would have been the deadline for Episode 11. There’s a reason for that, though. I decided to break format and release this Season Compilation as a single book only. I polled some readers and the overwhelming response was that they preferred this format. It worked better for me, as well. From a […]