Recommended Reading Order of the Jack Noble Novels

I get this question from time to time. For some reason, I’ve avoided creating a simple post that people can reference, and instead, answer it individually. Hopefully, this post causes a little less grief for those who want to start at book one and go from there.

There’s actually two series when it comes to Jack. The Jack Noble Novels, and Noble Intentions.

The plan for the Jack Noble Novels is for them to be all over the place. They are stand alone with a main plot. The primary (and usually only) point of view character is Jack Noble. You should be able to read these in any order, however some novels may contain hints at previous books.

Noble Intentions is an ongoing saga with multiple point of view characters and persisting story threads. Jack shares the stage with his various partners, and we get a glimpse inside the heads of some of the antagonists in the series. Characters will come and go. Someone who made a brief appearance in one of the first episodes might be a major player in the season three book.

Coming soon will be a series of short novels featuring Clarissa. Bear and Mandy will also get their own series of novella to short novel length books. I’ll do my best to place these within the chronological order below.

Now on to the order of the books. This is a chronological listing of the books in the order in which they take place, not when they were written.

The individual episodes of Noble Intentions are the same the ones in the Season compilation books. Stick with the compilations and you’ll save 50% or so. The plan is for at least 5 more Noble Intentions seasons, as well as several more Jack Noble Novels. I love this group of characters, and at this time, I can’t imagine running out of ideas for them.


  1. Anne Lozano says:

    Have to catch up on my Jack Nobles

  2. linda pearson says:

    I love this character and cant wait for season three to be releases

  3. mary says:

    I just finished season 2 and I was sooooo excited to find out season 3 has been released

  4. Leah says:

    Great books! Hard to put down. Happened onto the series three days ago and am on my third book! Love them!

    • L.T. Ryan says:

      Thanks, Leah! Glad to hear you are finding them so enjoyable! I hear it is okay to give up cleaning, doing the dishes, sleeping, etc for a couple days to get them all read :)

  5. Camille Wells says:

    I just read Noble’s been a while that I stayed up 3 hours past bedtime because I couldn’t put it down. Just downloaded episode 1. Can’t wait to start it.

    • L.T. Ryan says:

      That’s awesome, Camille! Glad to hear Jack kept you up :) I hope the rest of the books have the same effect. Both episode 1 and Season One are free at this time on Amazon. Make sure you grab the full Season One book.

  6. fran wheeler says:

    What a book move over Lee child’s, I couldn’t stop reading it. The action was relentless. It kept me entertained for hours. Well written, and well done.

  7. J. Lenzo says:

    I went out for hip replacement surgery in April. That is when I started reading – and I mean reading. I read five books, then looked for something else to read. I had gotten an email notification about books that I might like, and when I got the one about Jack, I went to Amazon and took a look. From the first week in May through the first week in June, I finished all of the Jack Nobel books, and both season 1 and 2. I would stay up all night reading just to finish an episode. I love reading, and cannot wait for the next season of Jack to start. Will also be looking forward to the see what Bear/Mandy and Clarissa are going to be up to. Thanks for some good reading. I think I found myself another author to continue reading -

    • L.T. Ryan says:

      I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the stories! Nothing’s better than hearing that they kept you up late at night. There is lots more on the way. Best of luck with your recovery!

  8. Jim Cotten says:

    I really enjoyed reading Noble Beginnings. I don’t expect that a whole lot of people believed that the ending for Gen Keller was a real scenario, but the scenes that you saw on tv in the Oval Office with Gen McCrystal and President Obama are Moore the exception than the rule in real life. It usually plays out more like the ending of this story. Generals generally die a political death, where the are politically neutered by those in power rather than publicly strung up like Saddam.
    Great story! I’m anxiously waiting to read book 2.

    • L.T. Ryan says:

      Glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for the comments…well said. Hope you enjoy the next book in the series!

  9. Karin says:

    I’m a voracious reader in my home, and always looking for books with action a/o historical romance – the book has to flow or I’m pulling my hair out (and I like my hair)! I’ve read over 100 books this year, in my spare time, and only a dozen or so have really brought a smile to my face throughout the read – I just finished Noble Intentions and my cheks hurt from all the grinning! I enjoyed not only Jack’s POV, but also gettting some of the story from Bear and Clarissa. It’s nice to know that you anticipate continued stories not only from Jack, but also from his friends. I don’t have much money, and with a 14 year old boy, stretching the pennies is sometimes a challenge – but for the enjoyment of a good book as MY only pleasure, I’m be sharing what I am able to with you – for the pleasure of reading more about these exciting characters! Please never give up on them and keep us readers clamoring for more!!

    Thanks for your writing ability! Karin.

    • L.T. Ryan says:

      Wow, thank you, Karen! I can’t tell how glad I am that you’ve discovered these books and have enjoyed your time with Jack and his crew. I hope you find the rest of the books to be as smile-inducing as the first. I have lots of plans for these characters, and some new ones too. I’m excited to get up every day and write about them. Best wishes!

  10. Lillie says:

    I really enjoyed your first 2 episodes but I felt that episode 3 was a little above my budget.

    • L.T. Ryan says:

      Lillie, I sent you an email. There is no reason to buy episodes 2-5, as they are available in the Season One compilation book, which is currently available for free.

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