A Deadly Distance (Jack Noble #2)

37 HOURS...

Jack is back in the second page-turning novel in the USA Today bestselling Jack Noble Thriller Series.

Washington, D.C. Midday. A man waits at a bus stop, his intentions unknown. Two government operatives have been stalking him for days, waiting for him to make his move. Unexpectedly, the man takes off running and heads for a deserted warehouse.

Jack Noble and his partner, Frank Skinner, believe the man to be part of a terrorist organization that is involved in smuggling drugs and guns and men into the country. But it turns out their plan involves far more export than import, and hits a lot closer to home.

As the case unfolds, the man behind it all reaches out to Jack with a simple message... 37 hours.

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What READERS Are Saying

"This review refers to both 'Nobel Beginnings' and 'A Deadly Distance' by fellow author L.T. Ryan. First, let me say that I have read two to four books a month for decades, gravitating toward military, action-adventure, spy-type stories. For years I have followed the works of my favorite authors: David Baldacci, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Nelson DeMille, and James Rollins. How is it I never came across L.T. Ryan before now? I am thrilled to add Mr. Ryan to my group of favorite authors. He checks all the boxes on my wish list when it comes to reading: well-developed, believable characters, short chapters with cliffhangers, and constant action always moving forward. And I am a stickler for proper editing, another aspect in which Ryan does not disappoint. I have already purchased 'Thin Line' by Mr. Ryan and look forward to another exciting thriller. Nicely done, Mr. Ryan!"

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"In this chilling, exciting novel, Jack Noble and his partner, Frank Skinner are tracking a man they believe is part of a terrorist group involved in importing drugs, weapons, and men into the USA. But it is also about what is being exported. They have 37 hours to resolve this potential threat and the threat is also getting closer to them. They are members of a secret elite secret investigative agency in Washington D.C. referred to as SIS. The team members consist of top agents from FBI, CSI, and DEA. This is an awesome story - so captivating that you'll read it late into the night. Highly recommend."

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