Just my opinion, but Blowback is one of if not the best of the Noble series. I picked this up before my wife got to it, and I couldn't put it down. My honey-do list went out of the window, and I spent the entire weekend enjoying this book. She reads faster than I do, so I'm sure she will have it finished tonight, but I wanted to get my review in now. If you are going to read this book, clear your calendar, get your chores finished, line up your snacks and drinks and hope you have someone as great and understanding as my wife is, because once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down. R.Anderson, on her account. lol

Shocking is about the best way to describe how the conclusion struck me. Being sure that Bear Logan would have ended Thorne after being told that he orchestrated the murder of an innocent couple and got him throw in prison; not to mention everything else he’d endured at this mans hand. Fair and legal justice is great, but for my money in reading this the bullet administers the righteous justice (in this case!). Great story tell though, had me all the way to the end!

I am enjoying the emergence of Logan Riley as the protagonist, not just Jack Noble's sidekick. This is a good story that integrates with the Jack Noble series, but stands well on its own so you can enjoy this book even if you never read any of the others before. I am sure you will then want to dig into the others.