I really wasn't sure if a book, no matter how good which had the protagonist had help from the spirit realm would be for me. I do like some, but more when they are kinda a side help. Well, I loved this book. I wish I had the backstory, but I'm sure I can purchase it. But Cassie seems like a real person with an unusual issue rather than a nutcase. I haven't got to the end yet but am looking forward to it and to the character development of Cassie as she learns to accept to gift again and learns why she still has it even after she has a break when Npvak was put to death.

Loving it and almost to the end.

Cassie Quinn’s story could not be more fitting for my first read of 2021. It’s a tactfully woven story of a woman putting in the work to realize that reconciling the trauma of her past is not solved with one decision but a series of decisions both conscious and unconscious. That landing on your feet doesn’t mean that you’ll always be able to stay that way. And that the past is an incredible motivator for the future.

As a huge fan and consumer of procedural television dramas, I’ve never quite felt drawn to reading them on the page. But Path of Bones does a brilliant job of checking off all my favorite parts of watching: interrogation room scenes, consultants who go rogue, and the insider mental baseball that breaks apart what makes the characters tick.

For Cassie Quinn that insider baseball happens to include processing her involvement with a serial killer and a fading ability to consult with victims of murder who tend to seek her out. Supernatural components are not a turn off for me, however I do tend to find them more burdensome in some prior reads. That is not the case in Path of Bones.

What I love about Cassie most is that her gift is something she is not squarely set against or in favor. This passage really struck a cord with me:

Cassie Quinn has a unique gift. Or is it a curse? She can see ghosts. The problem is the ghosts are all dead and they need her help. Cassie has had a near experience with death. She has an established reputation with one of the homicide detectives in Savannah Georgia. He recommends her to another detective who at first is doubtful she can help. Cassie is also not sure if she can help because she is still traumatized by her own near death experience. This is an excellent read!!! Enjoyed immensely!!!