Deadline (Jack Noble #11)

Jack Noble faces off with Frank Skinner inside a building filled with ghosts. Skinner is judge, jury, and executioner, and he’s prepared to carry out a death sentence. There’s only one way out. Jack has to break all the rules.

One final job to complete.

One final life to take.

One final deadline.

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What READERS Are Saying

"If you've never read a book with these two characters (and I don't see how that's possible), do yourself a favor: start NOW. But them all. Stock up with snacks. Take ALL your vacation days. Because you won't sleep. You may even forget to eat.

But you will read. And read. And read. Then you will be begging for more. I promise."

Amazon Reviewer

"Another winner for Mr. Ryan! I started this book right before company arrived, my mistake. After entertaining my guest I found myself reading into the early mornin to finish. Yes, it is that good and you cam' wait to see how the story unfolds. There were several surprises that made you want to reas on to see how they were solved. Another good Jack Noble read. I wanted it to keep going. It will be hard waiting for the next one. Hurry up Mr. Ryan!"

Amazon Reviewer

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