Jack Noble Novels and Serials Update

The latest Jack Noble novel, A Deadly Distance, was released today. This brings up the question of what’s next for Jack, and perhaps other popular characters from the series such as Bear, Mandy, and Clarissa.

Two more novels are planned for this year:
Never Go Home
When Dead in Greece

I’m excited about these novels because they are going to show a different side of Jack. They’ll place him in the middle of an investigation and we’ll get to see a little more of his logical, puzzle-solving side. That’s not to say you shouldn’t expect to see him kick a few butts along the way. There will be plenty of action in these stories. I expect them to be a bit longer than Noble Beginnings and A Deadly Distance.

What about Noble Intentions?

Season Three of Noble Intentions (Episodes 11-15) will kick off late March to early April. I plan to have anywhere from 3 to all 5 episodes complete before releasing, in the event that something arises that keeps me from completing them in time, such as at the end of November and early December, 2012.

I plan to release Season Four in 2013 as well. The only way I won’t is if I write a third novel instead.

Or, if I get going on the Bear and Mandy series.

Yes, that’s right. Bear and Mandy are going to get their own series of books. I expect the length of each installment to fall between 100 and 200 pages. It’s too early in the development process to go into any details. I hope to have the first book available toward the end of Summer.

At the moment, I’m working on a proposed 4 part Post-Apocalyptic series that will be released under a different name. I likely won’t mention it here but once or twice, so if you are interested in that topic, message me here or at ltryan70 (at) gmail dot com and I’ll let you know when the first book is available.

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    1. Will do, Tom. I’m starting a new Facebook page and website for the series. It looks like the first book of the series will be ready toward the end of the month, with the second to follow pretty quickly.

  1. I just finished reading Noble Intentions and I’ve got to say the story was fresh, exciting and showed a novel side of a hit man. Your characters are well developed and extremely likable. I’m getting ready to read season 2 and am filled with anticipation. I just have one word of advice. Find someone to proofread for you; even a couple of friends would be a big help. I’m one of those OCD guys who picks up on every little spelling and grammar error and I get super distracted and end up reading the same thing several times. I only noticed one or two factual errors, but there were a lot of places where you change phrasing, but neglected to remove the original phrasing. Overall I must say your writing was very engaging and made me eager to continue the next season. Thank you for your hard work and please keep them coming.

    1. Hi Judi,

      Chronologically, the order is:

      Nobel Beginnings
      A Deadly Distance

      Noble Intentions Season One
      Noble Intentions Season Two

      The first two are structured differently than the Noble Intentions series, and they take place further in the past.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. Never Go Home should be out by the end of summer or early fall. It really depends on how long/how much time the Clarissa novel takes to complete. If you’ve signed up for the new release newsletter, you’ll be notified as soon as they are published.

  2. I love the series and Jack Noble. All I ask is if you ever get a film deal please don’t let a short actor play a tall guy…..

  3. I love the Noble Intentions series just finished season three-i am looking forward to the Bear and Mandy series as well as Clarissa.is it best to read the series by series or by episode ? i read all the 3 seasons in 2 days,ready for more. thanks for writing them .

    1. Glad you are enjoying it! All three in 2 days, wow, I wish I could write them that fast 🙂

      I stopped releasing these in individual episodes after Season Two. The overwhelming majority of readers preferred it all in one book. I will continue to label the parts within each Noble Intentions as episodes though.

      Have you read the two prequel books, Noble Beginnings and A Deadly Distance?

      The first Clarissa novel and the next Jack Noble novel will be out within the next few months.

  4. Jack Noble is the ONLY reason I signed up and actually bought a book from Smashwords. The word “free” is my first, middle and last name….haha

    Didn’t know you were working on a Bear & Mandy series. Will there be info regarding her bio mom & dad?

    Season 3, did Dottie lose her mind? I just didn’t quite get why she allowed it to happen especially her background. Ready for Season 4.

    Great work

    1. Great to hear Jack got you to splurge a little 🙂

      I’m sure at some point Mandy will want to know more about her past.

      That’s the gist. An egg can only take so much pressure.

      I’ve got more Jack on the way!

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