July L.T. Ryan Update

Here are the individual links to the newly released ebooks and audiobooks. Below the list of links, you’ll find each book’s blurb.


Fastrope (Rachel Hatch #10)

Noble Revenge (Jack Noble #15)

Tracking Justice (Maddie Castle #2)

Contrail (Blake Brier #5)


Fastrope (Rachel Hatch #10)

Noble Revenge (Jack Noble #15)

Clear (Blake Brier #7)

Over the Edge (Bear & Mandy #4)

Cold Sky (Dalton Savage #3)

Hunting Grounds (Maddie Castle #3) – coming in August!



Hatch closed a major chapter in her life. Drifting between everywhere and nowhere, she seeks to find her new path. Like any pathfinder, Hatch cuts through the pain of her past one step at a time.

A desperate call from an old friend brings her to Florida’s panhandle. Before Hatch can connect, tragedy strikes. A helicopter training accident off the shore of Naval Air Station Pensacola takes the life of her friend and seasoned operator. All she has to go on is the cryptic message, leaving her with more questions than answers.

When the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit, Hatch must satisfy her own curiosity. There are some who don’t want the truth to be exposed and will do everything in their power to stop it from coming to the surface.

As Hatch turns every stone, she slips deeper into dark territory. Surrounded by enemies. Hatch must deploy the skills that have made her legend.

Follow Hatch down the Fastrope and prepare for yourselves for the hell she brings upon those who force her to once again honor the code instilled by her father. Protect those who can’t protect themselves and punish those responsible.




Every hunter becomes the hunted.

In Noble Revenge, the latest riveting installment in the Wall Street Journal bestselling Jack Noble series, vengeance and survival collide in a deadly race against time.

For four relentless years, Jack Noble has been pursued by an unseen enemy, a phantom that’s been a step behind him and a breath away from his neck. Now, the tables are turned, and the hunted becomes the hunter.

Joining forces with a stranger—the very woman he once aimed to assassinate—Jack plunges headfirst into the fray, threading a deadly needle between loyalty and deception. The stakes have never been higher, and every move could be his last.

But Jack is not alone in his struggle. Clarissa, abducted and betrayed, fights her own battles, her every step shadowed by danger. Determined and defiant, she flees Warsaw only to be drawn back into the storm, a pawn in a game she’s desperate to understand.

Meanwhile, tech wizard Brandon uncovers a chilling threat. His would-be assassin, Brett Taylor, is a familiar face—a friend. Together, they unravel a web of deceit, leading them to the heart of a sinister biotech empire.

As their paths converge in a pulse-pounding finale, sacrifices will be made, and the cost of freedom will be paid in blood.

Noble Revenge is a high-octane thrill ride that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in a world where alliances shift like quicksand, and trust can be deadly. Every page echoes with the chilling question: How far would you go for revenge?

Prepare to question everything you thought you knew about justice, betrayal, and redemption. Jack Noble’s quest for revenge will grip your heart and not let go until the final, earth-shattering climax. This is espionage as you’ve never experienced before. Are you ready?




A college girl is found dead
A grieving mother searching for answers
Castle sets out to uncover the truth
Tracking Justice comes at a cost

When a college girl is found dead, the investigation leaves a distraught mother in a desperate quest to find out what happened. Dissatisfied with the conclusion drawn by police, she continues to hunt for the truth behind her daughter’s untimely death.

Retired K9 handler Maddie Castle is brought in to assist the family. With the help of her partner Tempest, Castle finds a lead. She begins to peel back the layers, and discovers the evidence points to murder. Proving it will take all of Castle’s investigative effort. Surviving the fallout comes at a price.

With Tempest at her side, Castle is on the trail of a murderer who’s willing to stop at nothing to keep the truth from being exposed. If she can solve the case, it will be the biggest payday to date. But the cost for Tracking Justice comes at price. And if she’s not careful it could be her life.

Join Maddie Castle and her K9 Tempest on their latest heart-pumping adventure.



Hope is the last thing ever lost…

After an unexpected turn of events puts the teams’ plans on hold, Blake is consumed by one objective: bringing Haeli home.

But when two worlds collide, Blake finds himself fighting for a cause bigger than himself while an innocent life hangs in the balance.

How far will Blake go to set things right? And at what cost?

One thing is for sure.. when the dust settles, nothing will be the same.



In the sterile halls of a church-run rehab, a man awakens to a mystery that strikes terror into the heart of the institution – an unexplained death. The discovery sends shockwaves rippling through the core of the of the church.

Blake and Haeli are drawn into a perilous mission to unmask the secrets of this seemingly benign organization. An unplanned visit to estranged parents reveals a daunting picture of the church’s far-reaching influence, leading them on a path of danger, discoveries, and unexpected alliances.

As the church battles to hide its sinister secrets, Blake and Haeli risk everything to infiltrate the organization, not knowing the unsettling revelations that await them within its fortress walls.

Their journey unveils a disturbing connection between the church and a series of drug-related deaths, weaving a tangled web of power, deception, and faith. As tensions rise and allies become foes, the duo soon realizes that their quest for clarity will cost more than they ever imagined.

Clear (Blake Brier #7)


In the tranquil backwoods of Oregon, former top-secret operator Bear Logan thought he’d found a sanctuary. But even here, in the heart of nature, peace is an elusive prey.

Over the Edge, the fourth book in L.T. Ryan and K.M. Rought’s riveting Bear and Mandy Logan Thriller Series, pulls you into a vortex of mystery, conspiracy, and danger that will grip you from the first page to the last.

Bear and his sharp-eyed daughter, Mandy, are trying to blend into the landscape, to forget the ghosts of their past. But when a chance encounter at a gas station unveils a terrified girlfriend and her menacing partner, Bear’s instincts switch from survival to protector. The stage is set: a small-town brewery, the town’s favorite watering hole, hides secrets as potent as its brew.

The woods, once a haven, reveal a bloody clue—an abandoned shirt and a phone number that catapults Bear and Mandy into a conspiracy that runs deeper than the Columbia river. With each twist and turn, the stakes rise. And when an old friend unexpectedly surfaces with an offer to help, the lines between friend and foe blur.

This isn’t just a thriller—it’s a pressure cooker of suspense, raising questions about trust, loyalty, and how far one will go to protect those they love. Can Bear unravel the mystery before the danger sends him over the edge? L.T. Ryan’s latest page-turner serves up a nail-biting adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, desperate for more.

Plunge headfirst into a world where quiet woods hide deadly secrets, and no one is safe from the past.

Over the Edge (Bear & Mandy #4)


A senseless murder… A powerful adversary… A truth worth dying for.

News of a teenage boy’s murder in Denver reaches Sheriff Dalton Savage. With insight into the killer, whose identity is still unknown, Savage feels duty-bound to investigate. Despite the challenges of being a new father, Savage leaves his family behind on a quest for answers.

Returning to the city he once served as a Homicide detective, Savage must confront his past and face-off against old adversaries and new. His search for the truth leads him through the dark alleys of the mile-high city, where danger lurks around every corner. He must put everything on the line if he hopes to find justice for the victim and vindicate the shadows of his past.

As he gets closer to the truth, the killer who once had him in his sights returns, takes aim, ready to strike again. The stakes have never been higher. Savage must do everything in his power to catch the perpetrator before he becomes the next victim.

As thunder clouds loom in the Cold Sky above Denver, Savage unleashes a storm of his own…

Cold Sky (Dalton Savage #3)


A killer has returned and his reign of terror has only just begun.

An unstoppable killer stalks the city, leaving a mounting body count in his wake. As panic and fear grip Pittsburgh, the FBI is brought in to assist the local police with the manhunt, hoping to prevent further bloodshed.

Retired Pittsburgh K9 Handler Maddie Castle is pulled into the manhunt. She has experienced the killer’s deadly handiwork firsthand. He left her crippled in body and spirit.

Caught between her thirst for revenge and her desire to save lives, Castle knows that tracking the killer down and bringing him to justice will give her peace of mind.

But this madman is shrewd and evasive, eluding capture at every turn. As Maddie and her K9 partner stay hot on his heels, she realizes that he might be one step ahead of her…

He’s already put her on his hit list.

In the Hunting Grounds, death is the only escape. And if Maddie wants to survive the ultimate showdown with evil, she’ll have to stay alive long enough to outwit him once and for all.

Hunting Grounds (Maddie Castle #3) – coming in August!

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