Never Cry Mercy (Jack Noble #10)

Even a drifter has to stop once in a while...

Jack Noble has crossed the country, never staying too long in one spot. He's not running or hiding. He's buying time. Simply living until the day he can disappear and provide his daughter with a normal life.

But when his Jeep dies outside a small Texas town, he finds a reason to stick around for a couple days. An old friend. Someone he thought was gone from his life forever.

It quickly becomes evident that there is more going on in the town than Jack realized, and soon he's drawn into a web of secrets and lies that will forever change his life.

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What READERS Are Saying

"Jack Reacher has been a hero of mind since Lee Child introduced him in 1997. Now we have another reluctant hero to live vicariously through exciting adventures - Jack Noble. The L.T. Ryan "Jack Noble" series differs in many ways from Child's tales of a wandering hero. Noble is crossing the country to escape a very real threat, not only to himself but his family. His adventures, albeit reluctantly per sued, are thrilling, complex, and introduce great supporting characters. It's a fun read, and deals with issues we all could easily run in to. Enjoy the ride, I certainly did!"

Amazon Reviewer

"No suprise that the latest entry in the Jack Noble series is excellent. Hasnt been a poor one yet. This installment finds Jack awandering cross country just trying to stay low. However, since its Jack that doesnt last long. Some old names pop up and we get a thorough filling in on past events from the noble family that give us some serious insight into why Jack is and what shapes him in many ways. Overall another great entertaining volume featuring Jack Noble, one of the best action novel characters going today. Buy it if you like Bourne, Reacher or any similar characters."

Amazon Reviewer

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