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Quick Update on Noble Intentions Season Three

I missed what would have been the deadline for Episode 11. There’s a reason for that, though. I decided to break format and release this Season Compilation as a single book only. I polled some readers and the overwhelming response was that they preferred this format.

It worked better for me, as well. From a management standpoint, I’d have to do six times the amount of work with formatting, covers, and so forth to release the five individual episodes plus the season compilation.

The other deciding factor was that the point I wanted to end Episode 11 at came after nearly 150 pages. That would have been a tough precedent to set for a thriller in this day and age. In addition to that, this one flows much more like a traditional novel than the episodic formula of the previous editions of Noble Intentions. So, while the book will still be broken up into five equal episodic parts, you’ll get it all at once.

The first three drafts of Season Three are complete and the manuscript is with my editor. She’s fairly quick and already has 75% of it back to me. I’ll should be working on edits this coming week and maybe the following depending on how well I did my job. After that I have a review process I follow using a tablet with a digitizer screen and a digital pen.  A few more changes will be made at that point, then it’s off for proofreading.

My goal is May 23rd. Lots to do and little time to do it in!

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  1. Hi, I have all (3) seasons on my Nook, but, and a big but, I bought season 1 and season 2, times 2 to send to my boys, they both enjoyed the books and now they are pestering me for season 3, when do you think it will come out in hardback?
    Take care and I am enjoying you books so much, can’t wait for season 4, if there is going to be one.

    1. I’m awaiting the final (final) proof for the print version. If it shows up in the mail tomorrow, it could be available as early was Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll reply here when it is.

      The next book is going to be a Jack Noble novel that takes place immediately after Season Three. Will also be releasing a Clarissa novel that takes place around the same time. If everyone makes it through their solo novels okay we’ll see them in another Noble Intentions 🙂

  2. Love love love your stories. As a mid-60ish female I am caught-up in the mired web of governmental intrigue. Jack Noble is as real to me as Micah Dalton (David Stone); Scott Harvath (Brad Thor) and Scorpion (Andrew Kaplan). I am thrilled these are “lend me” books as my son is in the military and he will “eat” this series up!! Kudos!!

    1. Great to hear Jack has become a part of your reading life! I hope you find the future stories just as enjoyable. I’m glad you are able to take advantage of the lending feature, and I hope you’re son enjoys them!

      I’ve never read any of the Scorpion novels. I just clicked over to Amazon and found that Scorpion Betrayal is on sale today. I grabbed a copy and am excited to dig into it.

  3. I must confess, L.T., that with the passing of Vince Flynn and subsequently finding you and your Jack Noble, I have devoured everything you’ve written and can’t wait for more. Let’s face it: Jack Ryan is Jack Ryan; Mitch Rapp is Mitch Rapp; but Jack Noble has really grabbed me by the throat, and won’t let go. Safe to say, you have me hooked!!!

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