The First Deception Is Now Available – L.T. Ryan

The First Deception Is Now Available

Jack Noble and Riley “Bear” Logan are back again, this time in the first Noble prequel book, The First Deception.

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USA Today Bestselling Author L.T. Ryan’s Jack Noble series travels back to the beginning as Noble and Bear are tossed into the CIA-sponsored program that allows them to live as ghosts with no rules other than to get the job done by any means.

After completing training, they are sent overseas to recover an operative being held and tortured by terrorists in Aleppo, Syria. Saving the woman is not without risks, as the young team learns first hand.

It isn’t long before their assumptions of who is on their side, and who is working against them are turned upside down. As Noble and Bear close in on the agent, they uncover an enemy that hits far closer to home than they ever imagined.

Filled with pulse-pounding action, intrigue, and suspense, The First Deception takes you on an international thrill ride that leaves you begging for more.

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Heaven - January 30, 2018 Reply

So far everything written has been a pure enjoyment.

Heaven - January 30, 2018 Reply

I have enjoyed reading everything written. We have even discussed your books at my university.

    L.T. Ryan - January 30, 2018 Reply

    Wow, that’s pretty cool to hear! Thanks for letting me know that.

Nancy Moore - January 30, 2018 Reply

I have already read it and reviewed on amazon. I love it as with all of them. I can’t wait for more. The humor with jack and bear is great. Keep up the good work. I need more books to read.

Carla - February 14, 2018 Reply

Loved loved this book. So why isn’t Nible Beginnings on KindleUnlimited? Only paperback format offered.

Julie Sewing - February 16, 2018 Reply

I really enjoyed the book. I am getting hooked . Great way to fill us in on the background of the two main characters

Max - March 9, 2018 Reply

Great read LT. Recommended to my friends. I recommend for anyone who loves mystery, suspense and lots of twists. It was great to see how Jack and Bear became partners and best of friends.

Rosemarie Perri - March 17, 2018 Reply

Have enjoyed all. Can’t wait to see what Bear is up to next. Enjoy time with family.. They are first and foremost the all time #1 in your life. We can wait somewhat patiently for what’s next!!!

Catherine - April 5, 2018 Reply

Cant wait to read looks great!!!

Haley - April 13, 2018 Reply

Will this be available on Kobo at some stage? I have read the rest of the series… love them!

    L.T. Ryan - April 13, 2018 Reply

    It was for the first two weeks of release. I’m not sure how I’ll handle this moving forward. There are a lot of Noble readers who use Kobo, iBooks, and B&N. But finding new readers on those platforms has declined greatly. I’m thinking new releases will be available for a limited time before entering Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited ecosystem.

Abdul - July 3, 2018 Reply

Can you help me find what order i should read all the books in?

Jeff - August 2, 2018 Reply

I have had the pleasure of listening to the first 11 Jack Noble books on Audible and was curious if The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel or
End Game (Jack Noble #12) will be available for purchase at anytime in the future.

Sheri - August 6, 2018 Reply

Please tell me you will continue the Jack Noble books? Iam a huge fan of yours, vinceFlynn and Brad Thor with Ben Coe as well. I have read very book these people have written when I came across yours now I going onto 11 then 12 and see your ending the Series. I did read your writing 13 please consider not stopping. Iam unable to find black ops type books like these guys and yourself. Thank you for writing great stories that I can’t put down!

    L.T. Ryan - September 1, 2018 Reply

    No plans to stop the series. Not sure where you might have seen that, but it’s not true. There is more on the way!

Joshua - September 1, 2018 Reply

Audible version coming?

Earl - September 4, 2018 Reply

Just finished binge reading all 12 Jack Noble books. Ok, I’m ready for the next book.

    L.T. Ryan - September 4, 2018 Reply

    The second Bear novel is on preorder, and #13 isn’t far behind!

Dianna - January 22, 2019 Reply

I’ve read all the Jack Noble books & was a bit disappointed. What happened to Jack & Mia? Did Bear survive? What about Mandy? Lots of questions still to be answered!

    L.T. Ryan - January 23, 2019 Reply

    This was a prequel book and takes place before the current storyline. Noble #13 will answer those questions for you.

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