When Dead in Greece Now Available

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  1. i have read all of Noble Intentions through episode 10 at the end it states that episode 11 would be out in I believe April 2013. I can’t find it anywhere and please explain the different “seasons” Ian on old guy and not very savvy with electronics but love your books which I purchase brought Amazon Kindle for my iPad. Thanks for sending me “enlightment

    1. Only the first 10 episodes were released individually. Every five episodes were bundled into a Season Book. Episodes 1-5 = Season One. Episodes 6-10 = Season Two.

      Episodes 11-15 are contained in the book Noble Intentions: Season Three.

      A chronological listing of the books and retailer links can be found on this site, right here:


  2. A friend of mine a while back, turned me on to Vince Flynn’s writing which I found to be marvelous fun. Once I had finished them all, I needed to find another thrilling ride.
    I saw mention of your work on Face Book and decided to take a chance.
    I just started reading the Jack Noble series which I am truly enjoying. You sent me The Recruit. I have since read Noble Beginnings, A Deadly Distance, Thin Line and Noble Intentions (season 1).
    I prefer to read in an order.
    Where does When Dead in Greece Now, fit in?
    What is the correct order for me to follow?

    Thank you and Jack for the adventures I can join while I sit in a Dr. office, wait for a train or just want a few minutes of escape. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have been looking through some indie writers and for the most part not impressed until reading your Noble Intentions Season One. I found I could not put it down and loved all the characters. I immediately wanted more and actually wrote a review for the first time on several sites. Keep up the good work and anyone thinking of reading one of your books should quit thinking and start reading!

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