Beyond Betrayal (Clarissa Abbot 1)

Recalled from her assignment in London, England, Clarissa Abbot is handed her most difficult assignment yet. To observe and isolate a potential threat to national security that resides inside the White House.

Facing a conspiracy that threatens to rock Washington, D.C. to its core, Clarissa is pitted against an overwhelming force that won’t stop until she’s dead.

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What READERS Are Saying

"Life in the black ops world never had so bad. The level of paranoia and distrust required to survive in this short lived (literally) career is crystallized in this fast moving gambit where all the bosses are ultimate schemers and the front line agents are expendable pawns whose bodies litter city streets if they aren't paranoid enough to escape the numerous booby traps inherent in their job assignments. You never know who to trust in a Ryan thriller and the reader often puts his faith in a good guy who turns out to be the ultimate nasty villain--and can he write villains! Clarissa on her own without Jack works just nicely thank you. She's come a long way baby..."

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"Whether you read Beyond Betrayal in sequence, or as a stand alone read, you are captured from the onset. His ability to draw the reader literally into the protagonist and start perceiving the situation as she, or he, does is uncanny. I doubt I'm alone in, once reading one of any of his characters series, having to find the next work in the series. An excellent storyteller is at work in these stories."

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