The Jack Noble Series in Order

The Jack Noble Thriller Series spans three eras and has resulted in two spin-offs and a prequel. The eras can be divided as follows:

  • The Prequels. Noble's origins.
  • The Early Years. Loss of innocence and idealism, leading to a growing cynical outlook, and eventual life as a killer-for-hire.
  • The Noble Saga. The redemption cycle. Hitting rock bottom and entering a phase of redeeming and rediscovering the hero within.

The Prequels: The Recruit, The First Deception

The Early Years: Noble Beginnings (Noble 1), A Deadly Distance (Noble 2), Ripple Effect (Bear Logan), Blowback (Bear Logan), Takedown (Bear Logan), Deep State (Bear Logan -- coming soon), Thin Line (Noble 3), End Game (Noble 12)

* A gap of over six years exists between Thin Line and Noble Intentions. End Game fills some of this gap.

The Noble Saga: Noble Intentions (Noble 4), When Dead in Greece (Noble 5), Noble Retribution (Noble 6), Noble Betrayal (Noble 7), Never Go Home (Noble 8), Beyond Betrayal (Clarissa), Noble Judgment (Noble 9), Never Cry Mercy (Noble 10), Deadline (Noble 11), Noble #13 (coming soon)

Books from The Prequels and The Early Years stand alone and can be read in any order. It is recommended that the Noble Saga is read in order.

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What READERS Are Saying

"I know how difficult it is to create a memorable character and then to create a story line suitable for that character. The last three memorable characters I discovered was Vince Flynn's, Mitch Rapp, Mark Greaney's, The Gray Man and R.W. Peale's Titus Pullus and now I'm pleased to say I can include Jack Noble in that group."

Amazon Reviewer

"Jason Bourne. Jack Ryan. Jack Bauer. Now Jack Noble. For fans of political intrigue, military mystery and conspiracy Jack Noble is a perfect fit. Enough action, intrigue, and plot twists to keep you interested and turning pages. Looking forward to the next one."

Amazon Reviewer

"Written with the same character strength and style of Lee Child, Stephen Leather, Chris Allen and Andrew Peterson along with their respective leads; Jack Reacher, Spider Shepherd, Alex Morgan and Nathan McBride comes another to stand amongst them - Jack Noble."

Amazon Reviewer

"Being an avid reader of Lee Child, David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor, I've always felt so let down when I've run out of their books to read and wait anxiously for the next one. I've searched thru many new and unknown writers amongst the Amazon "shelves" to find another Jack Reacher, John Puller, Mitch Rapp, et. al., and am mostly disappointed, often giving up a third of the way through a new book. Well, Jack Noble, brought to life by the talented L.T. Ryan, kicks butt as good as the rest. "

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