Never Go Home (Jack Noble #8)

London, England. An attempted assassination goes awry, leaving multiple people wounded or dead. Jack Noble finds himself in the middle. Now the high-profile politician who was targeted wants him even closer.

Crystal River, Florida. The brother Jack hasn't seen in over six years calls. The news is bad and Jack has to break the vow he made to never go home.

Jack coordinates a security effort on one continent and investigates a mysterious death on another. Neither task is his specialty.

Jack is left in a position where he can only react to the external forces pulling him in every direction. All while second guessing his instincts.

Will those instincts be enough to keep himself and those closest to him alive?

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What READERS Are Saying

"I love all of L. t. Ryan's books. If you are a fan of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp books, then you will probably like these too. Suspenseful, well-written, exciting...well worth the time to read them! I highly recommend these books"

Amazon Reviewer

"I'm so glad I found this series- I read the first one out of order, due to trying it on a kindle daily deal, I think, then promptly bought them all and read the rest in order! Fast paced and completely engrossing. Loved, loved, loved them! I joined the author's newsletter and got to read the introductory story, which was fun. I highly recommend these, for any fans of the jack reacher series. I am wishing I'd named one of my sons Jack!"

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