Noble Retribution (Jack Noble #6)

Jack Noble is dead. A ghost. At least that is what the world believes. Truth is, he's been hiding out on the Greek Island of Crete for six months.

Three people know Jack's secret. One is with him. Another needs him back in the U.S. The third wants him dead.

Six months is a long time for a guy like Jack to be out of action. His edge has eroded. He is contemplating leaving his old life, slipping away, disappearing for good. But Jack realizes he can't hide forever. He made a mess, now he has to clean it up. He will repay his debt.

Or die trying.

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What READERS Are Saying

"Jack Nobel is tough and can handle himself but not afraid to admit others are important in his life. He's a southern gentleman by nature, a good friend to have; a sniper and assassin when necessary for the good of his country. I stayed up reallllllllly late to finish this one so I'd be ready for Season Three the next day. If I tell you anymore I might ruin the suspense and surprises."

Amazon Reviewer

"This series and Jack Noble are definitely a must read. It is fast paced, extremely intriguing, and I am anxiously awaiting the next episode. The insights to the govt. echelons, even if half true is scary. Jack Noble rates right up their with Lucas Davenport and Jack Reacher."

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