The First Deception (Jack Noble Prequel 1)

USA Today & Amazon Bestselling Author L.T. Ryan's Jack Noble series travels back to the beginning in this suspenseful thriller as Noble and Bear are tossed into the CIA-sponsored program that allows them to live as ghosts with no rules other than to get the job done by any means.

After completing training, they are sent overseas to recover an operative being held and tortured by terrorists in Aleppo, Syria. Saving the woman is not without risks, as the young team learns first hand.

It isn't long before their assumptions of who is on their side, and who is working against them are turned upside down. As Noble and Bear close in on the agent, they uncover an enemy that hits far closer to home than they ever imagined.

Filled with pulse-pounding action, intrigue, and suspense, The First Deception takes you on an international thrill ride that leaves you begging for more.


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What READERS Are Saying

"This story is totally awesome. In fact it reads like “The American Assassin” by Vince Flynn. Since I loved Mr Flynn’s books I also loved “The First Deception!!” And you will to. It’s like Mitch Rapp with a side kick. GMR"

Amazon Reviewer

"I really enjoy this series. They’re on a level with the Jack Reacher series. This prequel did not disappoint! It was a good long read, full of twists and turns and unexpected leaps. Thank you LT Ryan. Keep writing. Please."

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