When Dead in Greece (Jack Noble #5)

A ghost on the Greek island of Crete.

Jack Noble is grounded, recovering from his injuries and a near-death experience. The small town isn't so bad. An old guy named Esau has provided him with a place to stay. The food's good. And Isadora, Esau's niece, is easy on the eyes.

But tranquility is interrupted when a group of local criminal's threatens Esau, and kidnaps his niece. Despite his weakened state, Jack risks it all to save the beautiful woman he hardly knows, and settle the debt that Esau signed in blood.

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What READERS Are Saying

"I find the Jack Noble series to be every bit as exiting as say the Reacher or Rapp series books. These books are a quick read and full of action. But I wont spoil the plot. I truly dislike that. I will say he has a great sidekick character "Bear" and I really like that character as well. Also these titles are a bargain. I am already moving into numbers 6-9 now that I have buzzed through the first 5."

Amazon Reviewer

"OK I am so happy I found L T Ryan. Jack Noble and the series is a very good read. I have many times been so involved with the novel I don't want to put it down. If you are a suspense / military / government conspiracy thriller reader this is a series for you. Awaiting Series 5."

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