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Recommended Reading Order of the Jack Noble Novels

*** NOTE: This page is no longer maintained. Visit the following for the most up most up to date reading order and series information: https://ltryan.com/jack-noble/

I get this question from time to time. For some reason, I’ve avoided creating a simple post that people can reference, and instead, answer it individually. Hopefully, this post causes a little less grief for those who want to start at book one and go from there.

There’s actually two series when it comes to Jack. The Jack Noble Novels, and Noble Intentions.

The plan for the Jack Noble Novels is for them to be all over the place. They are stand alone with a main plot. The primary (and usually only) point of view character is Jack Noble. You should be able to read these in any order, however some novels may contain hints at previous books.

Noble Intentions is an ongoing saga with multiple point of view characters and persisting story threads. Jack shares the stage with his various partners, and we get a glimpse inside the heads of some of the antagonists in the series. Characters will come and go. Someone who made a brief appearance in one of the first episodes might be a major player in the season three book.

Coming soon will be a series of short novels featuring Clarissa. Bear and Mandy will also get their own series of novella to short novel length books. I’ll do my best to place these within the chronological order below.

Now on to the order of the books. This is a chronological listing of the books in the order in which they take place, not when they were written.

The individual episodes of Noble Intentions are the same the ones in the Season compilation books. Stick with the compilations and you’ll save 50% or so. The plan is for at least 5 more Noble Intentions seasons, as well as several more Jack Noble Novels. I love this group of characters, and at this time, I can’t imagine running out of ideas for them.