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It’s Finally Happened

I’m approximately two-thirds through Noble Intentions Season Three. Most of what is written has already been revised and sent off to editing. So all in all, things have been moving along well and my pace is picking up. It usually happens that way. As I near the end, my fingers have trouble keeping up with the story taking place in my brain.

I finished up the outline a few days ago and felt good knowing that I had the story locked up, for the most part. I’ve known all along the general direction it was heading, but some of the “guts” of the story have been missing. So visualizing those remaining pieces is a big help to my typing speed. There usually end up being a few changes… a scene doesn’t go the way you expect it to, a character does something a bit different than planned. Those are easy to account for.

So two days ago I was feeling good.

Then two things happened.

First, I reviewed my outline and realized that there was something pretty major to the story missing. Now, I know that occasionally I spin up a thread and leave it hanging. In some cases, this is intentional and I have plans to get to it in a later release. Occasionally it is accidental and someone in passing catches more interest than I expected.

But this, well, you would have been upset if I left this one. This character needs resolution.

So I go back to the outline and end up with another seven or eight scenes. Not bad. A could days of writing for me. A little extra reading for you.

The second thing….

She appeared.

She took me by surprise at first. I never expected to see her. She had yet to show up and I figured that maybe my books weren’t good enough for her to take part in.

You see, there is a woman that appears in several of the books I’ve read. She’s never the same character, and she acts her roles according to the wishes of the author and reader, not her own demands. Most notably, she’s appeared as Rachel Walling, the FBI special agent in several of Michael Connolly’s novels. I’ve seen her elsewhere, too.

Never in one of my books, though.

Until yesterday.

She came out of nowhere. There wasn’t a note for this character to appear. When I first visualized this part of the scene, it was going to be a male agent who was to harass Jack for being at a crime scene. But the voice that called out for Jack turned out to be female. And when Jack turned around, it was her.

The hair, the eyes, the smile… all her.

I found myself faced with a dilemma. At first, I decided to ignore the sighting and continue with the scene as planned. But dammit, she started to charm me with her witty responses and that smile she flashed. And I swear she blocked my pinky finger from reaching for the delete key.

So this mystery woman who has appeared to me in several books I’ve read has finally managed to seduce her way into Noble Intentions Season Three. I mean, I couldn’t possibly have turned her away. But I’m not quite sure what she’s doing here.

Isn’t Jack’s life complicated enough?