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A Sadie Update

Sadie and I just returned home from the vet. Her protein count was up to 6 – they like to see a minimum of 5. Her red blood cell count, while still low, has risen from 17% to 24%, which is about what it was when this whole mess started back in January. But she looks WAY better than she did then. Hopefully that continues to improve. Not out of the woods yet, but she is getting close. Swelling is gone. Strength is way up. Energy too!

Thanks to everyone for all the support!

My Sweet Sadie


This is Sadie, eight and a half years old. She’s suffering from liver disease/cancer. The Vet felt her symptoms were too advanced, and she was too high risk to perform a biopsy – danger of the liver not regenerating and bleeding out.

She’s a tough, tough dog. Been through a lot. So far, she is responding well to the medication they’ve put her on. But she is still retaining a lot of fluid in her abdomen.

In addition to the meds, she’s on a regimen of lots of hugs and love from everyone in our household.

UPDATE March 24th: Can’t thank you all enough for the comments, emails, well-wishes and prayers. Sadie is doing better today than she has in three months. She is running to and from the back door. Pulling on her leash. Getting up and down easier. The swelling in her abdomen and elsewhere is almost completely gone (the picture above is old – I’ll add some I took last week when I thought she was in her final hours), which means her liver is doing its job. I just spoke with our vet and we are both cautiously optimistic at this point.

Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to send her positive thoughts, whether publicly or privately!