My second book has been published on!

Jack Noble is a killer for hire, a thief, and a spy. His services are always in demand. He does his job with passing judgement on his employers or his victims. He feels no remorse. He doesn’t feel much at all.

But while waiting for the east coast’s most powerful crime boss to arrive for a meeting, Jack spots a little girl who appears lost. Everyone is ignoring her. Something strikes a chord deep inside him and he decides to help her.

The rest of Jack’s day does not go to plan. And likely neither will the rest of his life.

Noble Intentions is a distributed novel that will be released in episodes every two to three weeks.

Click here for Noble Intentions: Episode 1!

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About the Author

L.T. Ryan

    • Thanks, appreciate that. I am aiming to publish the next installment by this weekend. Will post here as soon as it is live.

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