A Sadie Update

Sadie and I just returned home from the vet. Her protein count was up to 6 – they like to see a minimum of 5. Her red blood cell count, while still low, has risen from 17% to 24%, which is about what it was when this whole mess started back in January. But she looks WAY better than she did then. Hopefully that continues to improve. Not out of the woods yet, but she is getting close. Swelling is gone. Strength is way up. Energy too!

Thanks to everyone for all the support!

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  1. Found JACK this week while looking for a good free book (had already bought my monthly quota.) Loved/hate relationship right now. Finished thru Season 3 – can’t find Season 4 – so moving on to Clarissa’s story or Thin Line. Would trade a bit of the alcohol for a tad of passion! Jack feels deeply – he, Bear and Pierre all deserve some TLC. Would you consider immortalizing Sadie as a side-kick for Jack? I can see Jack fighting the attraction and failing; Sadie would allow him an “alter ego” to balance his guilt. Forgive me if that is an insensitive idea. Love Jack!

    Sorry about Sadie; how sad 🙁

    1. Thanks, Linda. It has been 8 weeks, and although we’ve adopted another, I still miss her. I do have plans on using her name for a character in an upcoming book.

      Clarissa’s book, Never Go Home and Thin Line (takes place before Season One, but is relevant to Season Four) would be good to read before Season Four. Speaking of which, Season Four will be out this week. You’ll receive an email as soon as it is live if you’ve signed up for the mailing list.

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