Bear Logan is Going Solo in Blowback – Preorder Now!

Been working on this one for a while. Last year I released Ripple Effect, the first novel featuring Bear Logan as the main character. Great response to the book, but some of the feedback confirmed what I thought. Bear needs to go solo.

So here we are. Experience Bear like you never have before as he is on his own in this action-packed tale of murder, double-crosses, and espionage.

Blowback is exclusive to Amazon and available for preorder today, with a full release scheduled for September 20th.

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  1. Bear as the only main character is not good for me . The last book you wrote with him as the main guy was pretty good , but your older novels with the both of them working together were SO much better . Not sure I’ll download this newest book . Why mess with success . I’ve read every one of them and loved them waiting patiently on the next newest release——- now Bear only . Not good. Just like Daniel Silva’s newest book —— the main character is now the main chief in charge playing a secondary role. If that continues, I’ll stop reading his books also . To date , you and Silva WERE my favorite authors .

  2. I’ve read every book released, and whether the boys are together or apart, the stories are great. Bear can definitely hold his own!

    Author’s must create, regurgitating the same story in only slightly different ways for years on end would become stale and limiting.

    Whether reading a story about Jack, Bear, or the two as a team, not to mention Clarissa, I enjoy every book, and can’t wait for Blowback, which I’ve already pre-ordered.

  3. I’d love to pre-order but I purchase from Barnes and Noble for my nook. Hope it is picked up by them before long

  4. I found L T on BookBub and it was my lucky day! I have read everything in the Noble series. He has never disappointed, and I will continue to follow Jack and Bear whether they are together or separate. If you have become attached to Bear previously, you won’t want to miss out on his story in Blowback.

    1. There is! She’ll be in Noble #13, and if she survives, there might be a solo book that takes place following 13. Also working on the outline for a Clarissa story that takes place between Noble #3 and #4, to explain how her life changed in those years between.

  5. Just pre-ordered. For some reason your last two emails didn’t come through and I came across the pre-order email by chance. Going to give Jason Kasper a chance. Am loving Alex Berenson’s books as well. Thanks for the recommendations to fill in while waiting for yours to come out.

    1. Probably ended up in a promotions folder or the dreaded spam folder. I’ve recently made updates to the sending domain to help with that issue. Hope you enjoy Kasper’s series! My new one will be out next week, and a couple days early 🙂

  6. Are we ever going to see these books at barns and noble again?. I read the whole series and now cannot get anymore thru B and N on my nook. Not even getting emails anymore about new books. What is up?

    1. I checked the mailing service and your email address is in the database. The emails are being sent to you. Check your spam and promotion tabs in gmail and see if you find my emails in there. If so, add my email address to your contact list.

      As for B&N, Apple, Kobo…I don’t know. I’m exclusive with Amazon right now. They offer me the most support, visibility, and tools. If the other retailers make significant changes and show they support authors, I’ll consider returning.

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