Noble Intentions Episode 4 Live – Episode 5 in Editing

Episode 4 is live and available on Amazon here:

Episode 5 is complete and is being edited. The season finale is packs the same punch as the other four episodes and might just draw a tear. It will definitely cause goosebumps. I know I got them while writing and reading it.

Episode 5 is the season finale. What does that mean for Jack and the rest of the cast of characters?

It means the episodes get a short break. I emphasize short. I plan to have episode 6 published by the end of the first week of November. Possibly sooner.

I have a loose outline for the first Jack Noble novel. It will be a shorter work than the first 5 episodes, which span roughly 500+ pages when combined.

The first novel will be titled Noble Beginnings and will focus on Jack and Bear and their lives at some point during the late 90s. Additional novels will be written about events that took place between 2000 and 2012.

Another character might get their own novel as well. You might be able to figure out who after you read Episode 5.

In addition to the novels, I am starting to plan short stories and novellas for some of the other characters like Clarissa, Bear, Charles and Pierre. These stores may or may not include Jack. If they do he will be a passing character, not the central star of the story.

I’m also kicking around the idea of doing a series of shorts called something like Chasing Jack Noble. A story about two federal agents trying to track down our favorite hero.

Plans Outside of the Noble Franchise

I’ve written a rough draft for a detective story. Mitch Tanner is another polarizing character who could support his own series as well. I’m still working through the decision making process on how I want to work with that story. I’m not happy with it in it’s current state.

I have a few ideas for another series that will consist of short stories under 10,000 words each. They will be labeled as episodes, and will a pattern of single show arc, 2 to 5 episode arcs, and a general plot for the entire series.

These other plans will not detract from the time I spend working on Noble stories, though. So no need to worry!

Final Thoughts

As a fiction reader, you likely enjoy picking up a book and losing yourself in an alternate world. Whether romance, thriller, or horror, we are transported when we read.

I get the same feeling when I write and when I read.

And sometimes I take it too far. I might start writing at nine in the morning and find myself still at the computer close to midnight. Am I writing the entire time? No, but there are other things I need to take care of daily.

I’ve done the same thing with a good book. I recently picked up a 500 page book and polished it off in two days. My family thought they’d lost me.

It’s something I have to pay attention to, because it is very easy to get caught up in my alternate worlds.

Which brings me to a blog post I read by a writer I have  a great amount of respect for. Hugh Howey is in the middle of a popular launch for his new book, I, ZOMBIE. He had an online launch party in honor of the event and was able to share that moment with someone special. I could go on, but I’d rather let you read his post here:

And if you are a fan of sci-fi, check out his book WOOL. It’s awesome.

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