What’s Going on Now?

I’ve been pretty busy with the Noble series the past month. The hard work is paying off though. Episodes 2 and 3 were released with in a few weeks of each other. I started work on Episode 4 as soon as 3 hit amazon. Now, Ep. 4 is in it’s final edits and should be released by the weekend.

If you thought the previous three were fast-paced, then this one is going to blow your hair back. It move’s at breakneck speed. It even got my heart racing when I went back and reread it!

I’m not just sitting around waiting edits, though. I’m close to 25% of the way through Episode 5, the final episode of Season 1. And if you are worried that I’m going to wrap a pretty red bow around the final episode of Season 1, you can relax. I remain true to form. Episode 5 has as many, if not MORE, twists and turns as the other Episodes.

I’m super excited to get this written and out for you all to read.

What’s after Episode 5?

The first Mitch Tanner novel. Mitch is a homicide detective (at least in the first draft) who stumbles upon a cult killing. The manuscript is in a very rough draft and I will be revising it soon. I do expect some changes to be made to the overall story. The writing style will be similar to Noble Intentions… fast paced and no wasted words. I am considering breaking this up into 3 parts in order to get it published and in the hands of readers faster.

I have another series idea floating around in my head. This series will be broken up in episodes of 10,000 words or less. There won’t be cliff-hangers like the Noble books, but there will be plots that extend multiple books. The stories will be Thriller/Suspense/Horror. Can’t say much more than that, though.

Jack Noble’s first stand alone novel is in the works. Noble Beginnings will be based on Jack’s early military career.

Noble Intentions Season 2 kicks off with Episode 6. Yes, the series will continue! I expect Episode 6 to be released towards the beginning of November.

Whew, that’s a lot going on.

I’d also like to thank you, my readers, for your support. Thank you for your comments, reviews, and emails. Don’t be shy. I enjoy getting to know you!

-Lee “L.T.” Ryan

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